Welcome to Stayful! Our mission is to connect savvy travelers with the independent, boutique hotels where they want to stay. We're always growing our community-selected and curated list of the best independent, boutique hotels in various markets, and we'd love to hear from you.

We'd be happy to give you more information about how Stayful works. We've designed a service that brings together independent, boutique hotel lovers with independent, boutique hotels. Our focus is on the independent, boutique hotel, filling empty rooms at the right price and at a low cost of distribution.

  • Placement alongside the best and brightest independent, boutique hotels in your market
  • A whole new stream of guests who are looking for a independent, boutique hotel experience
  • Since our members are booking within a 30-day window, you can sell a room that may have otherwise gone unoccupied.
  • Low Cost of Distribution.

If you think this sounds like a great idea and would like to join Stayful or would like to learn more about our company, please fill out our contact form or simply email penny@stayful.com. We will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions.

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